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Commercial Property Parking Area Guide

When you own or manage a commercial space, it’s easy to overlook the parking area. It’s really just a slab of asphalt or concrete used to store your customer and employees’ cars, right?

Proper maintenance of a commercial property parking area is an underrated, but a critical part of your business. Keeping your parking lot safe, clean, and adequately labeled will help you avoid long term costs and liability issues.

Commercial Property Parking

Maintaining Your Commercial Property Parking Area

Keeping your parking lot free of debris, cracks, faded lines, and unwanted overnight campers will boost the value of your commercial space.

Providing regular preventative maintenance can prevent injuries from potholes and cracks, and damage to cars from punctures and scratches. General maintenance will also save your company from drastic costs for emergency repairs at later dates.

Commercial Property Parking

General Maintenance


Keeping the spaces clean and free of debris will prevent damage to cars using your lot, and give your parking area a pleasant aesthetic. When your parking space is clean and maintained, you can attract a higher paying rental base and client pool.

Maintaining a clean space will also dissuade people from using the space to loiter, camp, or conduct non-business related tasks in your space. Dirty spaces attract less than savory individuals.


Winter is especially hard on asphalt parking areas. As you treat the spaces for ice and plow snow away, you strip the surface of the protective coatings applied to preserve it. Doing a seasonal reapplication of the Sealcoat every 2-4 years will keep it from breaking down as easily.

Clean Oil Stains

Automotive oil drips are impossible to avoid, but it’s important to clean them up as soon as they’re noticed. Most people don’t even realize their cars are dripping oil, and if they do, they don’t know how badly it’s dripping or how to fix it.

Oil drips will be more noticeable after rain. Oil has chemical components that break down the asphalt of your parking lot if left untreated.


Even with preventative maintenance, harsh weather and other natural events can cause cracks and potholes to form in your parking area. Being quick to repair these shows your tenants that you value the common spaces. Crack repair and pothole filling can be a job you contract with a maintenance company. It’s a worthwhile investment for the longevity of your space.

Avoiding needed repairs can lead to injury and liability litigation. Failure to maintain a property to the detriment of those who use the area can open you and your company to a lawsuit and tarnish your reputation. Falls are the number one cause of preventable non-lethal injury in the US. Avoid adding to that statistic through basic and regular repairs.


One of the fastest ways to destroy your parking lot, despite basic maintenance, is standing water. Ensure you have drainage systems in place that quickly move the rainwater away from your lot. Asphalt can crack and break away when water works its way into the small cracks and crevices of the texture.

Ensuring that you have proper drainage, and that it’s periodically cleared out to avoid clogging is a great preventative action to save money in the long run. Most parking lot drainage grates lead into the storm drains of your city water. Make sure that the drainage you have in place is approved by city regulations.

Appropriate Markings

Keeping your space lines bright and easily visible will give the best use of space, and prevent issues with local regulations regarding disabled parking, fire lanes, and similar. Your parking area will be more visually appealing to tenants and customers with well-marked spaces.

Your parking area should have easily recognizable markings, space lines, directional arrows, exit, and entrance labels. These should be done with resilient and bright specialty paint. Some maintenance companies offer reflective and light-reactive paint options for your space.

Indicative Signage

Keeping your signage up to date is also important. Having the correct disabled parking signs can be the difference between proper use and citations or fines from the local government code enforcement. Further, having signs indicating where you’re able to park certain types of vehicles, and outlining rules and regulations for overnight parking will prevent inappropriately parked vehicles.

Some municipalities also have a requirement for you to post what tow company your location will use for the removal of vehicles that are inappropriately using the space. Keeping these signs up to date with accurate information will prevent fines.

Scheduled Inspections

To maintain your parking lot to the highest standards, it’s advisable to schedule a thorough yearly inspection. Some parking area maintenance companies will do a low key inspection each month they perform service on the lot. Scheduling regular inspections will help you stay on top of any damages, repairs, or upgrades your lot will need.

Be mindful of your local city regulations. Similar to fire code inspections, some areas require building and property inspections for continued use. If damage or injury occurs on your property, and litigation is pursued, having inspection records can prevent further issues.

Commercial Property Parking

Partnering With Phillips Brothers Towing

As mentioned earlier, some cities require you to post the specific towing company you contract with for removing cars that shouldn’t be there. This makes it easier for the owner of the vehicle to track down their property and absolves you of liability relating to the vehicle.

Phillips Brothers Towing is a full service towing company that operates 24-hours a day, all year long. We work in and around the Little Rock area. We’ve got experience in every towing, recovery, and impound situation imaginable.

Maintaining your commercial or private parking area will reduce your need to use our services, but will make the process less stressful when it does happen. Further, having signage for your partnership with Phillips Brothers Towing gives your customers and tenants a resource for those little incidences, such as locking keys in their car or leaving their lights on, causing battery drain.

Commercial Property Parking
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