Private Property Towing Service in Little Rock, AR

Whether at home or their jobs, some Little Rock, AR, drivers leave vehicles illegally parked. Unfortunately, without a local private property towing company, they continue to block vital safety areas.

And while you could call the city, it could take days before they send someone. Instead of waiting around to see if anything happens, you can call on us for:

Residential Property Towing

Commercial Parking Lots

City-Owned Property Towing

Parking Code Enforcement

Illegally Parked Vehicles

Totaled Vehicles

Fire Zone Violations

After-Hours Parking

Blocked Dumpster Areas

Obstructed Gates and Entrances

Abandoned Vehicles

Fire Hydrant Parking

Phillips Brothers Towing still offers affordable solutions to getting a car towed off private property. Since 1976, we’ve saved people more by enforcing their parking laws, codes, and security needs.

Unless you get a car towed from private property quickly, others will park illegally, also. Make sure you keep your home or commercial space safer for less by hiring us.

Private Property Towing Near Me in Little Rock, AR

What some people might not know is whether or not you can tow a car from private property. As long as you see an offending vehicle parked where it shouldn’t, you can help.

By calling a company experienced in towing cars from private property, the area stays safer. And a sensitive service visit, you can rest easy knowing you stay anonymous each time.

car impounded Little Rock

Illegally parked cars take up precious space you and your patrons depend on the most. Call us for reliable towing from private property for any residents’ needs in town, including:

  • Residential Homeowners
  • Commercial Property Owners
  • Business Owners and Managers
  • Employees and Staff
  • Emergency Services Providers
  • Rental Property Tenants
  • Property Management Companies
  • Unsafe or Damaged Vehicles
  • Cars Left Abandoned
  • “No Parking” Sign Violations
  • Fire Safety Concerns
  • City Code Enforcement
  • And more reasons to remove cars from private property.

Once one vehicle stays put where it shouldn’t be, others will quickly follow their lead. Prevent more cars from flooding your lots and spaces and choose us for affordable solutions.


The Best in Little Rock, AR, Private Property Towing Services

While there is a process involved in how and when we can tow, call us. We can explain on the phone your next steps, or take the case from there.

And while we will need to present proof that someone had hired us, don’t worry. We never offer the information of the caller when someone violates parking laws and ordinances.

You can rely on us 24-hours a day for convenient towing solutions each time. Contact us when you need to move a car from private property, and those violating: 

  • “No Parking” Signs Posted
  • Vehicle Missing Vital Parts
  • Legally Defined Fire Zones
  • Residential Streets, Yards, and Cul-de-Sacs
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Strip Malls
  • Behind Storefronts
  • Designated Docking Areas
  • Parked 96 Hours or More
  • Employee-Only Areas
  • Waste Collection Spaces
  • Driving Entryways

Hire Phillips Brothers Towing for all your private property towing needs today throughout Little Rock, AR.

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